Top front door colours for 2023

27th February 2023

Chartwell Green

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Chartwell Green owes its name to Winston Churchill, who handpicked this precise shade of green to adorn his country home, Chartwell House, located in Kent.

The shade is particularly popular due to its serene appearance and intrinsically appealing historical significance that symbolises harmony in the home.

For modern houses seeking front door colours, tones like black or grey tend to be the most popular and well suited, but adding a subtle colour can add a touch of personality to the home. Colours that go well with cottages and historic buildings are classic colours such as Chartwell green, whose natural colour resonates with the typical countryside location where cottages and traditional country homes are located.

Golden Oak

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Golden Oak adds a depth of colour and a breathtaking real wood grain look that will keep its allure and vibrant appearance throughout the year. 

You can enhance the overall look of your entryway by selecting Golden Oak, which is not only available for door frames but also for window frames to ensure a seamless and cohesive appearance.

Irish Oak

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If you want to create a cosy yet elegant atmosphere, choose doors with a more natural, muted appearance and earthy tones.

Irish Oak is significantly softer and milder than some other well-known oak finishes, making it a more desirable alternative for some. Irish Oak’s natural freshness and our exquisite wood grain effect will give your new door the genuine personality to bring your home to life. 

Slate Grey

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It is thought that slate is a balanced stone that promotes inner harmony. All slate colours share this characteristic of being earthy and well-balanced. Slate grey also connotes refinement and depth, and it looks fantastic with red brick homes.

Overall, all of these colours make great front doors and improve the overall appearance of your home. To browse all of the colours we offer at Horton Approved Installers, visit our website today.