Benefits Of Composite Doors

21st December 2022

Composite doors are one of the most sought after doors on the market, and it’s clear to see why. 

First, they come in an impressive variety of colours, designs, and styles, ensuring that no matter the overall aesthetic of a home, a matching door can easily be found. 

Secondly, composite doors are incredibly low maintenance. There’s no need for sanding and repainting every year like traditional wooden doors require – all current composite models simply need a simple wash to keep them looking good. Ultimately, then, it makes sense why so many homeowners are choosing composite doors more and more. 

Read on and learn more about the benefits of composite doors!

Low Maintenance

Composite doors are great for any home as they require very little upkeep, and a regular wipe with a damp cloth will bring back their original finish. You won’t want to scour your composite door, nor do you need to use harsh or abrasive materials. Because of their sturdiness and resilience, they won’t ever accumulate significant dirt or grime to require this kind of thorough cleaning. This could harm their attractive appearance.


Composite doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their resistance to damage and high durability. They are much more hard-wearing than other door types as they can withstand all weather conditions and outside elements for many years. 


The vast colour variations, multiple style options, and glass designs we offer at Horton Approved Installers mean that no matter your home’s style or character, we’re bound to have the perfect match for your home. Furthermore, for those seeking the appearance and feel of a timber door without any of the drawbacks, composite doors are a fantastic solution.


Without a doubt, composite doors are one of the safest and most secure options available. Composite doors are an increasingly popular option when it comes to home security. They offer superior protection against even the most determined intruder, thanks to strong cores and multiple lock points for added peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency

Since composite doors are thermally efficient, they can keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Therefore, by installing composite doors, you will cut costs and achieve two goals at once.

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